Vandalized campaign signs miff sheriff hopeful

It may be a sign of the times, but one Carson City sheriff's candidate is up in arms about the treatment to his campaign posters.

But his opponent said Wednesday it may be a lot of wind.

Candidate Bob Guimont said he was appalled at the loss of up to 50 campaign signs he and his supporters found ripped away from their holders or covered in graffiti this week after Sunday's 30-mph wind gusts.

"They are completely disappearing altogether," Guimont said.

But his opponent in the upcoming Nov. 5 election, Ken Furlong, said Guimont is making too much of the issue.

"You expect to lose signs," Furlong said. "The wind, vandalism. You expect those things when you order those signs. It happens to every political candidate that puts themselves in the limelight."

Guimont said he has ordered 125 more signs. It costs about $400 for 75 of the 2-foot-by-4-foot political placards. He said some were taken from in front of private homes while others were cut from poles near businesses.

Furlong said the problem comes with the territory.

"We have continually replaced signs as necessary," he said. "Nobody's signs are any different than anyone else's. It's not an issue. I ordered more signs after the primary to replace those were not there anymore."

Guimont said his supporters are asking for more signs and seem angry that someone would take their symbols of support for him from them.

Furlong said he has seen his signs torn down, too.

"As far as vandalism is concerned I've got two signs up on Airport Road that were vandalized within days of putting them up and I felt if I take them down and make an issue of it, it's just going to make them more of a target," Furlong said. "We can't take it too personally and I don't. Someone put a green smile on my signs, and I said, 'OK, good enough for me.'"


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