Don't give away power through weakness

We are the dumbest society in the world when it comes to facing reality. Generation after generation we persist in relearning history by taking action after the fact. We did the same thing in World War I and II.

We cling to an idyllic idiocy that everyone means well and given the chance will not go to extremes to harm us, or that in some perverse way we deserve whatever catastrophe befalls us. Thanks to liberalism, self-hate in our country is alive and well.

For the past few weeks I've been listening to radio talk shows and watching TV free-for-alls where a fair percentage of the participants naively believe that we have no business taking first-strike punitive action to prevent the proliferation of and the use of nuclear or chemical or bilogical weapons by nations that have demonstrated time and time again that they are dedicated enemies of the United States.

Their hue and cry is that every nation has an equal right to develop or acquire these deadly weapons as a means of their own defense. And they use Russia as their example because the policy of MAD, or Mutually Assured Destruction, seemed to work during the Cold War. After all, no one in his right mind would ever start something which would result in his own assured annihilation, right?

Of course, the key words here are, "in his right mind."

Unfortunately, we are not dealing with right-minded people. We are dealing with religious zealots of the kind that make Japanese kamikazes look like Boys Scouts. In some of my previous essays, I've touched upon how and why Islam came into being. The ancient Arabs, or non-Jewish Semites, got sick and tired of being clobbered by everybody they fought against because they were so fragmented. Like the Jews and the Christians, they needed a unifying doctrine around which they could all rally. So, some 800 years after Christ came the birth of Islam by an illiterate named Mohammed, and Islam would serve that unifying purpose, that is, if all Arabs would embrace it. It's a historical fact that Islam was, and is, propagated by the sword, "Convert or die!" The choice is clearly non-negotiable. Christians and Jews are being systematically slaughtered.

Now what we're faced with today isn't in the least related to our MAD policy with the Russians. And here is where so many of you Americans insist upon burying your heads in the mud because you don't have the guts, or won't take the time to seek and examine the facts about Islam. No, you won't be able to read Islam's "bible," the Koran, unless you can read Arabic. But there are excellent English translations readily available plus an excellent Koran-Bible comparison by John E. MacArthur Jr.

You and your kids' lives are at stake! You must learn about Islam so you can understand what we are up against today, and why we have no choice but to keep weapons of mass destruction from Muslims at all costs.

The followers of Islam receive their Islam verbally from their Mullah leaders and must blindly accept whatever they say. The Mullahs interpret Islam to suit the occasion. This is a primitive society on a massive scale that has been kept uneducated and is brainwashed with the idea that all non-believers are infidels and must either be converted or killed. Muslims do not permit the separation of religion from politics.

Now, don't you think it strange that not one single Muslim group, either here in the United States or in the rest of the world, has come out and publicly condemned or apologized for 9-11? In their minds and hearts, they enjoyed seeing the "Great Satan" get his comeuppance, even though they, themselves, may not have had anything directly to do with 9-11. Isn't it always fun to see the big guy get a bloody nose?

The most dull-witted thing any nation can do is to dilute or give away power when it has power. We have earned our power to control weapons of mass destruction and we must maintain our leadership and capabilities to do just that, world opinion be damned. I'm fed-up with the pansy press of the likes of the overrated New York Times and the Washington Post, and the television network flunkies playing the same old chicken game as they always have.

Historically, no group has been more consistently wrong in their doom and gloom. This is above and beyond politics. We cannot allow ourselves to be deterred by so-called allies who all have big money dealings with the very nations that are dedicated to our eternal destruction. That is pure madness!

Bob Thomas is a Carson City businessman, local curmudgeon and former member of the Carson City School Board and Nevada State Assembly.


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