Work gets under way on new C Hill flag

With a permit from the U.S. Forest Service in hand, a crew began construction on a new C Hill flag Wednesday.

"We're cutting weeds," said Mike Friend, supervisor of the Nevada Division of Forestry crew. "Chopping weeds and moving dirt."

By 11 a.m., the 12 members of Crew 424 had the site cleared of brush.

"If you look through binoculars, you'll see the site is cleared," said C Hill Foundation member Tod Jennings. "They are moving faster than I anticipated."

After a lunch of burgers brought up by volunteer Gilbert Ayarbe, the crew laid a grid with string.

"That identifies where we have to dig the anchor holes," said Jennings. The 55 anchor holes will each be a cubic yard. Car wheels will be set in them and covered with rocks then the holes will be filled with cement. The new flag -- 67-by-120 feet -- will be secured to the anchors with 3/8-inch cable.

The flag will be made of 390, 4-by-5 foot, non-reflective aluminum panels filled with corrugated plastic. The public is welcome to purchase a panel for $75.

Foundation member Josh Buscay said sales are going well.

"I'm not exactly sure how many, but I know we've sold quite a few," he said.

Foundation members urge the public to stay away from the construction site until the flag is finished.

"It is a hazard," Jennings said. "They could easily fall into one of these holes and get hurt -- there's going to be rebar sticking out of them. It's dangerous enough for people doing the work, but for people who are just wandering around up there it could be really, really dangerous."

The flag will replace a vinyl flag that was destroyed in a December windstorm. The original flag, conceived by Carson residents Dan Mooney and Ayarbe, was erected above the "C" shortly after the terrorist attacks Sept. 11, 2001.



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