Health inspections

Carson City Health Department's food-service inspections and the date of inspection (all scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations) :

-- Spinner's Sports Bar & Grill, 3198 N. Deer Run Road 100, Aug. 22

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

-- Spinner's Restaurant, 100

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

-- Winchester Club, 600 S. Curry St., 100, Aug. 22

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

-- Bear's Den, The, 5500 Snyder Ave., 100, Aug. 25

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

-- Classon Wholesale, 1601 Fairview Drive, No. 5, wholesale distributing pre-opening. Aug. 21

OK to operate.

-- Java Joe's, 2201 W. College Parkway, pre-opening, Aug. 22

-- High Sierra Beef Jerky, 911 Beverly Drive, retail food producer, 100, Aug. 22

Establishment clean and well-maintained

-- Carson City Senior Center, 911 Beverly Drive, 100, Aug. 22

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

-- Red's Old 395 Restaurant, 1055 S. Carson St., 96, Aug. 20

-2 Food removed from original containers not stored in approved container. Cover of container is not impervious or nonabsorbent. -2 Paper towels not present at hand-wash sink in back prep area by ice machine.

-- Red's Bar/Lounge, 100

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

-- Bully's Sports Bar & Grill, bar/lounge, 3530 N. Carson St., 100, Aug. 20

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

-- Bully's Sports Bar & Grill, restaurant, 100, Aug. 20

-- Adele's Restaurant, 2223 N. Carson St., 100, Aug. 13

-- Albertsons Food Center 178, 3325 E. Hwy. 50 E, Deli Department, 98, Aug. 19

-2 Paper towels not present at back prep hand-wash sink.

-- Albertson's Meat & Seafood Department, 100

-- Albertson's Produce Department, 100

-- Albertson's Bakery, 100

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

-- Station Grill & Rotisserie, bar/lounge, 1105 S. Carson St., 100

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

-- Station Grill & Rotisserie, restaurant, 100

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

Douglas County

Nevada State Health Division inspections of Douglas County's food-service establishments and the date of inspection:

--McDonalds Restaurant (Wal-mart), Minden, 97, July 15

Minimize hand contact with food by using tongs for lettuce and tomatoes. Recommend using a glove procedure to reduce hand contact. Remove seat cushion from dry storage shelving adjacent to single-service utensil storage. Employees should take breaks in designated areas, i.e., dining areas.

-- Dart Liquor, Stateline, 96, Aug. 14

Walk-in display cooler shelving must be 6 inches off floor to facilitate maintenance. Install sanitary legs and feet on ice machine as to meet NSF standard. Replace wooden shelving in walk-in cooler with NSF metal or plastic; wood construction prohibited. Replace deep freezer with NSF approved unit. Repair holes in walls behind freezer. Seal wall around piping.

-- Travel Systems Warehouse, Zephyr Cove, 98, Aug. 8

Restroom door must be self closing.

-- Zephyr Cove Resort Sunset Bar, 98, Aug. 8

Bar gun tubing must not be in contact with ice in bins. Reinstall equipment as to prevent ice contact. Food containers must not be stored directly in ice used for human consumption.

-- MS Dixie II Third Deck Saloon, Zephyr Cove, 97, Aug. 8

Cold plate must not be in ice bin. Relocate unit into separate tub of ice, which is not for human consumption. Clean bottom of bottle box.

-- MS Dixie II Second Deck Saloon, 96

Glass washer final rinse sanitizer non-detectible. Unit to be serviced and galley facilities used for washing glassware. Unit must have 50 ppm chlorine residual on rinse cycle.

-- MS Dixie II First Deck Saloon, 96

Wooden liquor storage cabinet behind bar was to be provided with wheels or replaced with an NSF unit to facilitate floor maintenance. Store clean glassware on smooth, nonabsorbent surface. Glass was to be placed on shelving on back bar. Provide easily accessible hand-washing sink in bar.

-- MS Dixie Gallery, 98

Store utensils presenting handles, i.e., plastic spoons. Seam caulking peeling loose in grease hood, subjecting food to overhead adulteration.

-- Ivanos Restaurant, Zephyr Cove, 96, Aug. 8

Toaster oven (Oster brand) not approved for commercial use meeting NSF standard. Replace with approved type. Remove stereo system from top of ice machine. Only equipment used in connection with ice production may be stored on unit. Restroom doors must be kept closed. Spring mechanisms inadequate to self-close doors.

-- Sam's Place Bar, Zephyr Cove, 96, Aug. 20

Clean floors of back bar reach-in refrigerators. Repair back bar refrigerators at floor and door threshold. Clean floor of beer case. Provide a supply of hand cleaner at hand-washing facility.

-- Sam's Place Barbecue, 100

-- Sam's Place Portable Bar, 98

Avoid storage of ice scoop with handle in contact with drink ice. Avoid storage of food containers in ice used for human consumption.

-- Sam's Place Restaurant, 99

Replace domestic refrigerator and microwave oven with commercial NSF equipment. Replace damaged door gaskets on refrigerator doors. Remove aluminum foil from equipment surfaces. Replace plastic strips on shelves over kitchen prep table. Meat slicer needs hardened food deposits cleaned. Provide shields on fluorescent lights or shatterproof lights.

-- Glenbrook Golf Clubhouse Restaurant, Glenbrook, 91, Aug. 20

Prepared food containers must not be stored directly on floor in walk-in cooler. Prepared food must not be stored under raw unwashed produce, i.e., baked chicken in walk-in cooler. Restroom door must not be propped open with rock; keep closed. Dishwasher wash temp at 135 F, and final rinse and temp at 175 F. Wash water must be at 150 F and rinse at 180 F. Unit must be disabled and three-compartment sink used until dishwasher repaired.

-- Chevron Winners Corner, Gardnerville,97, Aug. 19

Store ice bag filler in a sanitary holder/wash, rinse and sanitize. Clean ceilings in walk-in.


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