Supreme Court refuses to reconsider Silver Springs Airport decision

The Nevada Supreme Court has refused to reconsider its decision exonerating Hale Bennett and his wife, former Carson Supervisor Kay Bennett, in a land deal involving the Silver Springs Airport.

The Bennetts were accused of cheating Las Vegas developer John Hui of J.J. Industries out of a land deal. Hui claimed to be in escrow to buy 152 acres of property just east of the airport when the Bennetts made owners Norman and Cheryle Kaye a better offer.

Hui said he planned to build warehouse storage and possibly space for small businesses on the land. Bennett said he needed the land for clear space at the end of the runway.

A Yerington jury agreed with Hui and awarded him $598,000 in damages from the Kayes and $336,000 from the Bennetts.

They appealed, arguing there was no intentional interference with Hui's contract because they all thought the deal had fallen through.

"It boils down to a case where no logic and no evidence supports the verdict against Hale Bennett," lawyer Robert Eisenberg told the court.

The Supreme Court panel of Chief Justice Deborah Agosti and justices Bob Rose and Bill Maupin agreed, tossing out the judgment against Bennett and reducing the award against the Kayes to the difference between the $152,000 Hui was willing to pay and the $250,000 Bennett paid -- a total damage award of $98,000.

The court refused Monday to rehear the case.


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