Supervisors award Carson City manager $6,200 bonus, salary raise for performance

Carson City Manager Linda Ritter was awarded a $6,200 bonus from the Board of Supervisors on Thursday which also raised her permanent salary to $99,000 following a positive performance review.

Supervisors ranked Ritter's first six months as city manager as "commendable" based on six core factors, said Mayor Ray Masayko. He said there were some areas of strength and some were not so strong. Supervisors evaluated Ritter outside of the public forum in closed session.

"I think the board was pleased with her performance, it was a good performance for the first six months," Masayko said.

When the former Elko City Manager was hired in April, the board set a six-month probationary period and a salary of $94,050 with an automatic pay bonus in December of $4,950 and a $3,000 car allowance. She was also eligible to receive an additional 10 percent of her total pay as a bonus if she met nine goals.

Out of a possible $9,900 bonus for reaching all goals, Ritter was granted two-thirds of the pay.

Ritter was judged on communication, interpersonal factors, self-management, resource management and decision making and received enough positive remarks to earn a full-salary pay of $99,000 for the next year.

"I have really enjoyed this first six months," Ritter said. "It's a great place to work. I know we'll do some really great things in the future."

Since Ritter took the helm at City Hall in June, the city has struggled with the potential loss of auto dealers and retail revenue, a lawsuit filed against the federal government for a BLM land sale, the invitation of renewable energy industry to the city and trying to smooth out a strained relationship with Douglas County.

The board approved goals for Ritter to meet in the first six months. Each goal was given a dollar amount to be granted as a bonus if they were met.

For instance, Ritter was granted a $1,000 bonus for reaching an agreement with two auto dealers to negotiate towards the development of an auto mall. She also received $500 for drafting a preliminary incentive package for an auto mall. She would have gotten $1,000 if the plan were finalized.

Ritter received $950 for contacting alternative energy companies and entice them to Carson. Eight companies indicated interest in Carson, including manufacturers of fuel cells, solar panels, turbines and a foundry, Ritter said. Three companies visited the city to investigate.

Reaching out to the media netted Ritter $700 in bonus pay after she held a training for city staff on media relations and contacted media to discuss regular press briefings.

Also, pursuing relationships with Lyon and Douglas counties earned the new manager $1,000. An agreement was drafted with Lyon County dealing with impacts and cooperation in infrastructure and public services. Ritter said she holds regular meetings with the Douglas County manager and pursued common interest areas such as expanded bus service to Wal-Mart.

A self-evaluation submitted by Ritter shows she did not meet goals for a corridor redevelopment plan, an update of the BLM urban interface plan and the development of a goal-based merit program for department heads.

"I'm very pleased and satisfied with the person we chose," said Supervisor Pete Livermore.

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