Young poet's rhymes get noticed


Red, white and blue

Stars and stripes too

We have no hate

America's a great state

We are one

We do not carry guns.

Mountain Bluebird

Blue wings spread out in flight

Beautiful sound throughout the night

Wet wings from soaring

The weather outside is pouring

I've never seen a more beautiful bird in my life.


Wings of flame

Illumination of light

Fluttering sound throughout the night

What a beautiful sight


Silky mane, tail of gold

She's so bold

Painted hooves that fly through the air

Hair shines bright like a mare.

Poems written by Haley McGuire. Haley is a 10-year-old fourth-grader at St. Teresa School. Her poem, "America," was selected to be published in the Creative Communications Young Poets Contest in fall 2002. In addition to writing poetry, Haley also excels in chemistry.


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