'I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change' full of wit

"I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" is a rollicking comedy at the Eldorado Hotel and Casino in Reno about the war and peace between the sexes playing at the Eldorado Hotel and Casino in Reno.

It's an off-Broadway show transplanted in the West that hasn't lost any of the wit and clever interplay it had in the Big Apple.

It's all about the problems of connecting with a member of the opposite sex, told from each sex's point of view -- or perhaps point of argument.

The prologue opens with four hooded figures in corners of the stage -- which is way too big for such an intimate production -- talking about man, about woman. The four break out in a sly number, "Cantata for a First Date."

Then comes a series of attempts to connect. On a date that is not quite what it should be, two rather homely people fantasize ("A Stud and a Babe") about the way things should be -- but aren't. Two women in a restaurant with droning men named Bob curse the shortage of available and desirable men ("Single Man Drought").

Naturally, the men see it differently ("Why? 'Cause I'm a Jerk"). Then parents who expected their son to announce his engagement are instead advised that he and the girl are breaking up ("Hey There, Single Guy, Girl")

The act ends with an improbable scene at Attica State Prison, where ministers advise the couple of what's in store ("Wedding Vows").

Act II is more of the same, but always with a twist on the state of marriage. The characters age, the wit becomes drier, and finally two elderly people meet at a funeral home and discover that love can come at any age ("I Can Live With That").

The show winds up with the hooded characters again lamenting that no matter what woes love brings, people keep coming back for more ("I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change").

The cast of four -- David Engel, Kathy St. George, Larry Raben and Amy White -- easily keeps the wit and action flowing. Music by Jimmy Roberts is played by pianist Stephen Bates and violinist Marilyn Sevilla. Surprisingly, the duo is more than adequate.

The director is Joel Bishoff. The show continues through March 30 at the Eldorado Showroom. The show runs nightly, except Mondays, and there is a Wednesday matinee.


What: 'I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change'

Where: Eldorado Hotel and Casino in Reno

When: Daily except Mondays March 30

Cost: $25.95

Information: (800) 648-5966 or 786-5700


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