Animal activist takes issue with county over numbers

A Silver Springs animal activist hopes the Lyon County Animal Control Advisory Board will listen to his concerns about county practices Wednesday.

Continuing his quest to have county animal-control practices reviewed, Tom Blomquist, owner of the Silver Springs Spay-Neuter Project, said numbers provided recently to the county about stray dogs are incorrect.

He also claims the county is not following state law when it allows dogs to be adopted before they are spayed or neutered.

County animal control officer Nonie Higley said that since the county began letting residents adopt dogs with the requirement that the pets be fixed within two weeks, the county has had to euthanize 86 percent fewer animals.

"Everything is done completely to the letter of the law," Higley said. "When you bring in six dogs a day and only adopt out two a day, something has to give somewhere."

The county system allows the shelter to "find warm, loving homes, instead of putting them to sleep," Higley said. Written paperwork is required from veterinarians and new owners following the adoption within two weeks.

Blomquist is not convinced the shelter is following the law and has asked the county district attorney for an explanation. He has not yet received a written explanation, he said.

Blomquist plans to attend the advisory board meeting Wednesday to ask them to audit the animal control department.

"Myself and many other people are very uncomfortable with what's happening out there," Blomquist said.

The advisory board lacks the power to call for an investigation, but makes recommendations to county commissioners, said board member Johnye Saylor.


What: Animal Control Advisory Board of Lyon County regular meeting

When: 7 p.m. Wednesday

Where: McAtee Building, Fort Churchill, Silver Springs


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