Seniors eligible for state, city rebates

Carson City senior citizens are eligible for two rebate programs that could help them get through the winter season.

Residents who are at least 62 years old and take in less than $24,000 per household may qualify for rebates from $5 to $500 from the state. Seniors who make less than $21,500 per household also may qualify for a city sewer rebate.

The city assessor said this week he hopes to let everyone know about the rebates so Carson City residents can apply before the cutoff date of April 15.

"We've been really trying to push to get the word out," said Assessor Dave Dawley. "We're trying every avenue we can."

Residents must reapply every year for the program from Feb. 1 to April 15. Seniors who rent apartments and mobile homes also may qualify for the program, but must have receipts when applying.

Seniors must apply in the county in which they reside, Dawley said. To qualify, seniors must be a Nevada resident for six months and be 62 years old by June 30.

For more information, write the Senior Citizen Rebate Program, Carson City Assessor, 201 N. Carson St., No. 6, Carson City NV 89701, or call 887-2130.


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