Communications media partners with Champion Motor Speedway

Champion Motor Speedway recently announced Charter Communications of Northern Nevada as the official sponsor of the 2003 Super Late Model series.

The new sponsorship agreement and marketing partnership between CMS and Charter Communications will provide for an aggressive television advertising campaign in 2003.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for Champion Motor Speedway," Jeb Onweiler said. Onweiler is general manager of CMS.

"We'll now have strong TV advertising on FOX, TNT, Speed Channel, ESPN, ESPN2 and FOX Sports throughout Northern Nevada all season long. We'll hit a target rich audience and that will certainty result in much stronger attendance at the front gate.

"Our product (auto racing) is a visual art and I think it's imperative that we convey that message through televised exposure."

"Charter Communications is very excited about sponsoring the new Super Late Model series," said Lynne Peterson, Charter Communications representative.

"We're also thrilled about creating this new advertising relationship with Champion Motor Speedway. Motorsports is the number-one rated sports entertainment property in America and we're always looking for opportunities to align ourselves with successful spectator venues.

"We feel Champion Motor Speedway will have a fantastic season in 2003 and we plan to enhance that success with exciting and effective advertising."

For information, call the 24/7 Ponderosa Stamp & Engraving Racing Hotline at 267-0505, or log onto, or call Onweiler at 884-3045.


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