Replacement Supervisor to be named by Jan. 26

Carson City's Board of Supervisors, never having to deal with such an issue in the past, must now appoint someone to fill the seat left vacant by the death of friend and fellow Supervisor Jon Plank.

According to the city charter, adopted in 1969, supervisors must fill the seat within 30 days or within three meetings after it is vacated by appointing a new member, or hold a special election.

Mayor Ray Masayko said the board has decided to take applications and appoint a supervisor by the deadline of Jan. 26.

In deference to Plank, the city held back on announcing the procedure to replace him until after Friday's memorial service, Masayko said.

"We are on a little bit of a short time frame," he said.

The city charter does not specify any special procedure for appointing a supervisor. Applicants must gain three votes by the board to be appointed.

Anyone interested in the position must meet specified qualifications. Applicants are required to:

-- Be a resident of Carson City for the past six months.

-- Be a registered voter

-- Live in the Ward 2 district, which includes northeast Carson City.

Officials are encouraging those interested to send a letter of inquiry to the City Manager's Office, City Hall, 201 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89702. Inquiries can also be made by e-mail or in person to Masayko or the city manager. Copies will be distributed to the board.

For information, call 887-2101.


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