City officials sworn in Monday

The mood was cheerful at Monday morning's official swearing in of Carson City's elected officials.

"It's an exciting day," said Mayor Ray Masayko. The room was filled with the "biggest crowd" the mayor has seen at the ceremony, he said, about 120 people.

The ceremony ushers in a new year for the city, the same day as budget work begins, said new city Assessor Dave Dawley, who was elected for the first time Nov. 5.

Dawley took his oath of office along with Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover, District Attorney Noel Waters, Sheriff Ken Furlong, Treasurer Al Kramer, Supervisors Robin Williamson and Pete Livermore, and school trustees James Hukari, Norman Scoggin, Bob Crowell and Sheila Ward.

"I'm just really overwhelmed," Dawley said. "It's really nice. A lot of family is here."

Williamson said she appreciated the large crowd: "It's exciting to recommit yourself to the new term."

Furlong said the day was a childhood dream come true. "It's something I've looked forward to all my life," he said.


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