Charges reinstated against second Bustamonte brother

Echoing their ruling in a case involving his brother, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled Wednesday the statute of limitations doesn't protect Jamie Bustamonte from prosecution in a complaint filed by Roland Weddell.

Weddell, a plumbing contractor and businessman, filed a criminal complaint against the brothers in September 2000.

Johnny Bustamonte was accused of trying to run down one of Weddell's employees with a car. Jamie Bustamonte was accused of a variety of offenses surrounding a dispute between the Bustamontes and Weddell's daughter over an alleged drug deal.

The charges were included in a Carson City grand jury indictment but dismissed in district court because they were filed after the three-year statute of limitations expired. The alleged offenses occurred in October 1997.

The high court disagreed, saying the statute of limitations was put on hold when Weddell filed the criminal complaint -- a month before the statute of limitations would have expired.

The justices made the same ruling in Johnny Bustamonte's case in July.

The order sends the case back to Carson District Court for consideration on the merits of the charges.

Carson sheriff's deputies originally arrested Weddell instead of the Bustamontes after Weddell tried to shoot the brothers in an attempted citizen's arrest.


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