Pheasant contest

That hunting event will be held at the Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area, located near Yerington.

The contest will consist of teams competing against each other, with each team consisting of two hunters and one dog.

The event is open to all dogs which are pointing breeds or flushers, each to run separately.

The teams will be competing for $1,000 in each class (pointing or flusher), which will be split $500-$300-$200. Trophies are also available for the winners in each class.

Each timed event will begin from a designated start area. The event will end when six pheasants are in the possession of the hunters or when 30 minutes has elapsed, whichever occurs first.

Each hunter will be limited to the use of six shells.

The registration fee is $125 for the qualifying series and $100 for the finals.

For information, call Fred Smith in Yerington at (775) 463-3870.


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