Report card time

That hunting information must be submitted if the hunter was successful or unsuccessful.

It can be submitted either by mail or by accessing the Nevada Division of Wildlife website on the Internet.

That website is:

In the past, hunters have been required to mail in a Hunter Return Card to report their harvest or lack of harvest for the big game tag that they drew.

Now, they can also report that information hat same information on-line.

By reporting on-line, it results in a savings for the hunter for the cost of a stamp and for the Wildlife Administrative Services Office in personnel time. To fill out the required information on-line, a hunter must have his/her client number (usually a social security number) and PIN number, as well as their date of birth.

Hunter Return Card information provides NDOW biologists with harvest information that is essential to estimating population changes in herds. The information helps those biologists follow populations and to determine how other factors, such as drought and snow, are affecting the various herds.

By law, all Hunter Return Cards must be received, either electronically via the website or the old-fashioned way by U.S. Mail, by no later than 5 p.m. on Jan. 31.

Any person who fails to return the questionnaire by the deadline will be denied all big game tags for one year. However, they may have those privileges reinstated by paying an administrative fee of $50. Administrative fees must be paid on or before March 15 to be effective.

For information, call the Nevada Division of Wildlife at 688-1500 during business hours.


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