Weissinger faces 3 counts of theft

Three counts of misdemeanor embezzlement will be filed against a Douglas County commissioner who allegedly pocketed a $100 bill while working as a Raley's store manager, an El Dorado County deputy district attorney said.

Steve Weissinger is scheduled to appear in El Dorado County Superior Court Aug. 5 after police handed him an arrest citation for the alleged June 13 crime.

The three counts cover a three-month period, the district attorney's office stated.

Weissinger said he accidentally put the bill in his pocket when he was handling money from the safe. He said he realized his absent-minded mistake when store security approached him and placed him under citizen's arrest after video surveillance caught the alleged act.

Weissinger said he is eager to prove his innocence in court.

Deputy District Attorney Peter O'Hara believes there is more to the incident.

"If that's all there was, it would be one count," O'Hara said. "It's not one count out of that one act. I think we have the horsepower for three counts."

If convicted, Weissinger could face a maximum of 18 months in county jail, but Assistant District Attorney Hans Uthe suspects that sentence is too harsh for the alleged crimes.

Weissinger's attorney, William Cole, did not return a phone call.

It is not known if Weissinger is still employed at the Crescent V store as a manager.

Weissinger, contacted by phone Wednesday, would not comment.


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