Supervisors OK pay raise for themselves

Supervisors gave themselves a raise of nearly $4,000 each Thursday, bringing their yearly salaries up to $22,797.

The unanimous action followed passage of state Assembly Bill 23, which authorized board members to vote on their first pay raise in eight years.

Mayor Ray Masayko said considering the city does not compensate supervisors or the mayor for travel, meals or other incidentals for city business, he called the raises reasonable and fair.

"I think it's time," Masayko said. "I think it's appropriate."

Commissioners in Washoe, Douglas, Lyon and Storey counties already voted to increase their salaries.

"It's always difficult to appropriate funds to yourself," said Supervisor Pete Livermore. But, he said the pay should be kept at a level to attract professionals of all types to the board.

Supervisor Shelly Aldean said she found herself in a quandary and thought hard about the raises, but believed board members should be compensated for their "hard work and dedication."

The pay raises became effective following the vote and will not be retroactive for the fiscal year. It is estimated to cost the city $30,000 a year.

Similar raises were granted for other Carson City elected officials by the state Legislature and became effective July 1, costing the city another $120,000.

Under the legislation, Carson District Attorney Noel Waters now earns $98,707, Sheriff Kenny Furlong will get $81,864 and the clerk-recorder, assessor, treasurer and administrators in Carson and the other counties will see their base increase from $51,360 to $68,309.


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