NDOT maps future road projects

Proposed state highway projects include a much-needed traffic signal on State Route 88 at Waterloo Lane.

The Nevada Department of Transportation has released its draft list of proposed projects in Douglas County for 2004-2013.

NDOT spokesman Scott Magruder said the $240,000 project for a traffic signal and acceleration and deceleration lanes on State Route 88 at Mottsville and Waterloo Lane will be constructed in summer 2004.

He said the draft-projects list is a working document that could change due to funding or environmental factors.

"Something might come up," he said.

Most projects on the list start next year, including various projects along Highway 395 for routine maintenance on road surfaces.

Several projects, including an $18 million erosion control and slope improvements project at Stateline, are considered long-range elements. Magruder said those projects will not likely start for a few years.

Douglas County is anxious to complete a $250,000 NDOT Highway 395 corridor study.

"Overall, we are pretty pleased," county manager Dan Holler said. "The key thing is the corridor study."

The study is key in analyzing future travel demand and corridor improvements along Highway 395.

The NDOT study identifies land-use zoning and impact of new developments on adjacent roadway facilities; alternatives to address the needs of the current and future population; the transportation system's ability to move goods that are integral to the overall economic well-being and success of a community; and land-use regulations to encourage land development to foster economic development.

At the Douglas County Planning Commission meeting on July 17, director Jeff Fontaine said the project to install two-way left-turn pockets on State Route 88 at Woodfords Road near Waterloo Lane was deleted, saying it "isn't ready to go."

NDOT also deleted a maintenance station on Kingsbury Grade because it couldn't find suitable land to buy to store snow-removal vehicles.


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