Bunnyranch offers free sex for returning troops

The Moonlite Bunnyranch brothel is offering free sex to the first 50 military personnel who show up.

Anyone with current military identification is eligible, said owner Dennis Hof.

"These servicemen went over there and risked their lives and served their country and now we need to service them," he said.

After the first 50, military personnel can get a 50 percent discount until July 18.

The idea came about when Bunnyranch sex-workers Sunset Thomas and Air Force Amy were reading letters from soldiers stationed overseas.

"We had been getting all these letters, a lot of letters, and we wanted a way to give back to our guys and our ladies," said Thomas.

Because they are independent contractors, the women are not required to participate.

"But I don't know of anyone who is not doing it," Thomas said. She said Wednesday 17 servicemen and three servicewomen had accepted the offer so far.

The special has brought a storm of calls, Hof said.

"We've done 68 radio interviews in the last four days," he said Wednesday. "This is the biggest thing since we had Jesse Ventura out here."

After an inquiry from a soldier in England, Hof announced Wednesday the offer is open to all coalition forces.

The highest-ranking National Guardsman in the state, Maj. Gen. Giles Vanderhoof, said "Regardless of my personal feelings one way or the other, it's not my place to comment because it is a legal activity in many counties in Nevada."


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