Plans put on hold for special session -- Honeymoon, other vacations postponed

A trip to sunny Spain and a honeymoon are just two of the things put on hold when the Legislature went to a special session this week.

A number of veterans anticipated the possibility of a special session and made no plans for the period immediately after the constitutionally mandated end of the regular session Monday.

Veteran lobbyist Fred Hillerby said he never makes plans for the day after the Legislature is supposed to end. Several other lobbyists made similar comments, saying something always gets in the way and extends duties for a day or two.

Others apparently had more faith the session could end on time, including Senate Majority Leader Bill Raggio, R-Reno.

Raggio, who was recently married, planned his honeymoon. Raggio told fellow senators when he convened the special session that he understands many of them were being forced to forego vacation and other plans. He mentioned at that time that his honeymoon was on hold.

Minority Leader Dina Titus, D-Las Vegas, was also hoping to be out of the Legislature this week and, in fact, out of the country. She said her husband, Tom Wright, is teaching in Madrid this summer and she plans to spend as much time there as possible before returning to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Political Science Department.

"I was leaving Friday. Now it's next Friday, but that cost me $200 to change my ticket," she said.

Senate leadership was also informed the eight women who run the front desk have plans June 14-17.

"We're going to be in Napa Valley," said Senate Secretary Claire Clift. "We're dedicated to our jobs, but we've been planning this since January."

She said the Senate desk crew is planning to tour the wine country for a long weekend and would appreciate legislative efforts to finish before then.

Assemblywoman Kathy McClain, D-Las Vegas, said staying an extra few days is no problem but that she has plans to be in New Orleans before the end of the month and "we'd better not still be in session then."

Several members of legislative staff also said they have vacation plans set up for the near future.

Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, said her plans are more mundane but important to her.

"I went back to work at the district court," she said. "I have to get back my health insurance and a regular paycheck," she said.

Assembly Sergeant At Arms Terry Sullivan said extending the session is postponing his other life.

"I'd be cowboying at Cottonwood Ranch, riding my pony, flirting with girls and sitting around a campfire telling stories," he said.


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