Students learn technical skills at computer camp

Anthony Altamirano has spent his summer vacation so far breaking computers -- and he expects to be rewarded for it.

"It's good," he said. "It teaches us how to take computers apart and the names of all the pieces. And we're going to learn how to put it back together."

Altamirano, 14, and nine classmates are learning the literal ins and outs of computers during a three-week technology camp at Computer Corps in Carson City.

During the first week, students learn to dissemble computers and identify the parts. In the second week, they test to see which parts function properly, and in the third week they put the computers back together.

Each student takes a computer home at the end of the course.

Manuel Rosas, 12, doesn't have a computer at home and is looking forward to receiving one.

"I can do my homework on it and it won't take so long, like it does to write it," he said. "I'll do my work, play games and go online."

Development Director Gary Lyon said the program is designed to pique children's interest in technology, improve education and promote entrepreneurship.

"Teach a kid how to fish and they'll feed themselves," he said. "Teach them how to build PCs and they'll be the future of Nevada."

Shelby Moorhead, 10, subscribes to the same method of thinking, even though it is a field dominated by men.

"I might be a computer technician or have my own place to work on computers," she said. "Computer stuff isn't just for boys. Anybody can do it."

Justin Gragg, 13, is looking forward to the independence owning and operating his own computer will bring.

"It will be just mine. I'll have my own Internet and do my homework and not be pressured to get off of it," he said. "And I'll know how to fix my computer. I'm stoked about that."

Understanding how computers work is becoming more of a necessity.

"Like 20 years ago, it really didn't matter," said Shawn Kennedy, 13. "Now everybody has computers. If you don't know how they work, you'll be left behind."

Openings are available for six camps planned throughout the summer. Tuition costs $350 but scholarships are available.


For information about the technology camps offered through Computer Corps call 883-2323.


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