Former trustee told to leave Indian Hills meeting

INDIAN HILLS -- A former trustee, accused of being"obsessed" with the Indian Hills General Improvement District, was ejected form a district meeting Tuesday night.

Joanne Riekenberg then continued to shout about district trustees' behavior in the parking lot of the district's office on Mica Drive Tuesday evening until Douglas County sheriff's deputies made her leave the premises.

Justice Court Judge Jim EnEarl denied a temporary restraining order against Riekenberg sought by the improvement district June 2.

At the time, EnEarl told Riekenberg, she was "obsessed" with the district and added: "Your conduct has been disruptive and disorderly and you are fortunate you haven't been arrested."

Near the beginning of the regular district meeting Tuesday, Riekenberg was warned several times by Chairman Ron Kruse to stop speaking while in the audience.

Riekenberg complained loudly that the staff at the district was "childish."

As public comment on non-agenda items opened, Riekenberg told trustees they were wrong to explore the possibility of incorporation because, she said, residents didn't want it.

Shortly after, Riekenberg continued to make comments while in the audience, and Kruse warned her again to curb her behavior.

"What are you going to do? Throw me out?" Riekenberg said, laughing.

When an agenda item was open for public comment about a plan to clear up the odor and color of water in the district, Riekenberg again took the podium.

However, because she strayed from posted agenda items, Kruse warned her to limit her comments to the subject at hand.

Riekenberg became visibly upset and started arguing with Kruse, who then recessed the meeting and asked her to leave.

As she was walking out of the office, Riekenberg continued her tirade, yelling at trustees, "You can't handle the truth."

She left without incident after two deputies told her to leave the parking lot.

Kruse said some residents don't attend district meetings because of Riekenberg's disruptive behavior.

The district wanted a temporary order for protection against harassment in the workplace against Riekenberg, an Indian Hills resident, alleging she harassed employees at the district office on March 28.

EnEarl ordered the district and Riekenberg to come to a written agreement June 6.

According to that agreement, Riekenberg must make her requests for district information in writing, and the district has 72 hours to provide that information.

"I found it very strange she showed up and called us liars," said Trustee Dianne Humble-Fournier. "She came in looking for a fight."

Humble-Fournier said the district may start posting an off-duty officer at its meetings.

Riekenberg was recalled from her position as a district trustee in July 2000. She made claims the district violated open meeting laws and filed a complaint with the attorney general. However, the Nevada Attorney General's Office ended its investigation against the district earlier this month and concluded there were no violations of the open meeting law.


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