Fund-raiser earns $18,000 for Meals on Wheels program'

Janice McIntosh, director of the Carson City Senior Citizens Center, anticipates profits from the annual Senior Follies show will bring in $18,000 to $20,000 for the Meals on Wheels program.

"Our initial counts show $18,000 and we're still waiting to finalize that," McIntosh said. The shows were held May 30-June 2.

"There are still some outside ticket sales to collect as well as an outstanding bill for program printing."

A $1,000 donation from Wal-Mart is expected also. It is for time donated by Follies director T.J. Gioia.

"They are a wonderful supporter, as was the whole community. The community has such good hearts, and the businesses as well."

McIntosh said everyone has been excited about this year's production. The performances went smoothly and they sold out of all refreshments and beverages. Ticket sales for the raffle were high.

The Meals on Wheels program provides food to seniors who cannot leave their home or cook for themselves. Carson City Meals on Wheels delivers 170 meals per day.

"The cost of a meal is $5.17. Of that cost, the government pays 61 percent; the clients averaged 79 cents of the suggested $2 donation amount.

"Since the Sept. 11 disaster, insurance costs have gone up. Our auto insurance is going up $6,000 for the next fiscal year.

"The new trucks use a lot of gas, but it's the safest way to deliver the meal. Temperatures are maintained -- this way it doesn't compromise the seniors' health."

The bottom line is McIntosh has to come up with $54,000 to fund all the programs sponsored by the center each year.

"Unforeseen circumstances affected us quite a bit," McIntosh said. "But you do the best you can when you budget and make it work.

"But we had a great performance -- we must be getting pretty good at it. It takes a lot of work and we start planning in January. I think it flowed a little easier this year."

Raffle grand prize winner of two tickets on Southwest Airlines was Ann Smith.

McIntosh said last year's grand-prize winner recently came into the center and thanked them. He was able to fly to the East Coast to see his sisters, whom he had not seen in years.

In addition to the Senior Follies, the center will hold "Bluegrass in the Garden" fund-raiser Aug. 23 at the Governor's Mansion; it sells Entertainment Books, See's Candy, and the Thrift Store contributes greatly to Meals on Wheels.

"Every year, somehow we make it work," McIntosh said.


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