Chukar fund raiser

According to Ron Pierini of the Chukar Club, that one-night function attracted a capacity crowd of more than 500 people and raised a total of $61,000.

Among the evening's raffle winners were Jim Dunn (two prizes) and Tracy Hettrick of Carson City, Rita Quilici of Dayton and Jackie Martin of South Lake Tahoe.

In addition, brothers Mark and Scott Jackson went home with a Remington 870 16-gauge shotgun, and a Remington 700 ADL .300 rifle.

Those monies are used for a number of worthwhile projects, such as the rearing and releasing of chukar into the wilds of Nevada, the construction of man-made water collection devices known as "guzzlers," which are used by small animals and birds, the rearing and releasing of ruffed grouse into various areas of the state, support of the Nevada hunter Education Program, significant contributions to the Nevada anti-poaching program known as Operation Game Thief, Kids' Fishing Derby, etc.

For information, call Ron Pierini at 267-1006.


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