Family loses everything in fast moving blaze

A fire that raced through a single-wide mobile home in Carson City destroyed "every single thing," said owner Juan Orozco on Tuesday.

Orozco, 19, his 17-year-old wife, Maria, 19-month-old daughter, Lizbeth and mother, Matilde, were left homeless following the afternoon blaze that began in a bedroom, he said.

For four years, the young father and husband said, he lived in the tiny three-bedroom trailer on a lot at 55 Tiger Drive in a rundown trailer park on Carson City's northeast side of town. Now it is gone.

Orozco took Tuesday off from his job at Carson Dodge to sift through what remained of his belongings. There were no pictures to be salvaged. Some work shirts that that were untouched by flames in a back closet reeked of smoke.

Furniture was reduced to ash. The baby's clothes were gone. A kitten found inside the home was treated with oxygen by paramedics and is recovering at the Silver Hills Veterinary Hospital. Seven other kittens may have perished in the fire. Orozco said the kittens were born to a stray cat in the area.

"We lost everything," he said.

Orozco is taking their loss much better than his wife, he said.

Maria Orozco was so overcome with emotion Monday she was unable to speak as she watched firefighters fight to save the trailer. She is still having a hard time accepting the loss, Orozco said. She and baby Lizbeth were home when the fire started.

He said Maria first smelled smoke after she returned from a walk. When she opened the door to the bedroom Orozco's mother uses, she saw a fire in the corner, moving its way up the wall. She grabbed the baby and rushed outside.

"The inspectors told us that there were some cables lying around in the walls with no protection and that's how it started," he said. "The wires started heating up and heating up, and sparks came out and boom."

Orozco has no insurance.

The couple is staying with Maria's family.

Elisa Seiler of Nevada Hispanic Services said her office is dedicated to helping the Orozcos get back on their feet.

She said someone a few months back had donated a trailer to the organization, but she didn't know if it was still available.

The office is willing to accept donations from the community for the family.

"Were are here to do whatever we can to help," she said.


Anyone wishing to donate money to the Orozco family can do so through Bank of America Account Number 004966305298

Donations of clothing or furniture may be made to Nevada Hispanic Services at 637 South Stewart St. or by calling 885-1055.


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