Six-month old bikes across country

Parker Thompson, a 6-month-old baby, is aiming to become the youngest person to bike across America.

Or at least that's his parents' goal.

Although Parker won't be pedaling, his parents, Michael and Karen Thompson of Flagstaff, Ariz., will be pulling his bike from coast to coast in an attempt to raise money to combat nationwide trail closures. Their trip began in Fairfield, Calif., on May 25 and the family of three will ride through Carson City on Friday.

The Thompsons said they hope people will donate 1 cent per mile of their 3,784 mile trip. The money they raise will be given to the International Mountain Biking Association to help international trails and to help with trails in their hometown. They have raised about $3,000, but Thompson said his goal is $20,000.

"Last year they closed two trails in Flagstaff, one that was near an elementary school," he said. "I am sure this is happening in other communities. We want to raise money and awareness and try to prevent this from happening."

Thomson said they will end their trip if it becomes taxing on their infant but so far, the family has no concerns.

"He likes the motion of the bike and sometimes it is the only way to get him to nod off," Thompson said. "Of course he will be the No. 1 factor of whether or not we will make it. But, he is a happy baby, always squealing and dancing."

The family is paying for the trip themselves and said they would like local bikers to ride with them or give them a place to stay while in town.

"Ride a few miles with us to psych us up for the trip," Thomson said. "And if you've got a couch, we'll take it."

To contribute to their cause, write a check to the International Mountain Biking Association, P.O. Box 7578, Boulder Co. 80306 and write in the memo "Parker Thompson" or visit the Thomspon family Web site at


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