Resolution would raise Nevada lawmakers' pay

A resolution revising the Nevada Constitution to pay lawmakers for every day they work cleared the Legislature on Friday, but more approvals are still necessary to make the change.

The constitution now limits lawmakers' pay to 60 days per session and allows for expenses of up to $60 per session for postage, phone calls, newspapers, "express charges" and stationery. They also get $85 a day for expenses such as food for the entire 120-day session.

SJR11 would allow expenses to exceed the $60 limit and require lawmakers be paid for each day in the 120-day session. At their current pay rate of $130 a day, legislators would earn $15,600 in base pay instead of the $7,800 they now get.

Having passed the Legislature this session, the resolution will require passage by lawmakers again in 2005 and the approval of xvoters the following year to change the constitution.

The Assembly approved the resolution 32-10 on Friday, and the measure passed the Senate by a vote of 18-3 on Tuesday.


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