Higher dump fees sought for trailers, tires, animals

Costs to dump tires, dead animals and mobile homes at the Carson City Sanitary Landfill may increase if city supervisors agree to a new fee schedule Thursday.

"The bottom line is to help recover the costs of providing the services," Environmental Manager Ken Arnold said.

Landfill workers who have to take extra time to stop what they are doing to bury a dead animal, pick tires out of the trash pile or take apart a mobile home are costing the city more money than the price customers are paying to dispose of the items, Arnold said.

Staff is asking to raise the $1 fee for dumping tires to $2 each for a tire less than 36 inches in diameter. For a tire 36 inches or more in diameter, the fee will be $10 instead of $7.50. Tires for graders, loaders, tractors or backhoes can be dumped for $25 each.

Tires are not wanted in the mass trash piles of household items because they migrate up through the garbage as time passes. They can destroy expensive cover layers that are required by state regulations, Arnold said.

The price to dispose of dead animals would be increased substantially from $11.50 to $60 per ton. Dead animals weighing fewer than 100 pounds will cost $30 each to dispose.

Staff is also asking to make trailers units a special item.

"It is very labor intensive to dispose of large trailer units (30 feet or longer in length) or mobile homes at the landfill," Arnold said in a staff report.

Workers remove all available scrap metal, including the frame and undercarriage before the trailer or home is disposed of. Staff is recommending charging $250 per trailer or mobile home to cover labor costs.


What: Carson City Board of Supervisors

When: 8:30 a.m. Thursday

Where: Sierra Room, Carson City Community Center, 851 E. William St.


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