Q-Tip: Enjoy the fall colors

Those colors are highlighted by the leaves of the Quaking Aspen trees, which magically transform from their normal summertime green to spectacular reds, yellows, oranges, etc.

All you need to enjoy those colors are the following items:

An enjoyment for the beauty of Mother Nature in the Great Outdoors, a vehicle, a little bit of time and if you want permanent records of the trip, plenty of color film for your camera.

Here's a suggestion as to where to go this weekend to enjoy some of those colorful displays of the Quaking Aspens:

Take a combination of U.S. 395, Nevada S.R. 88 and California S.R. 88, south from Carson City to the Hope Valley Area of California, a distance of 35 miles.

The three best locations are:

1. In Woodfords Canyon from Woodfords to Sorensen's Resort.

Some spectacular colors can be seen along the West Carson River near the Hope Valley Store.

2. The area from Sorensen's Resort to the junction of S.R. 89 to Lake Tahoe (this is known as Pickett's Junction).

The "quakies" in this area are particularly gorgeous in the early morning or late afternoon light.

You can park anywhere along the highway, but be extremely careful of the high-speed traffic, whizzing past.

3. Where the road to Crater Lake intersects S.R. 88.

This road is exactly 2.0 miles past the Blue Lake Turnoff, as you drive toward Kit Carson Pass.

Look for a small, paved road on your right that curves up a steep bank. Take that road. Travel about 50 yards. You'll cross a cattleguard and the paved road will become a dirt road.

Park anywhere you desire and then just wander through the "quakie" patches.

This is a great location for fall colors and a picnic lunch.

Special Note: If you have trouble finding the road to Crater Lake, remember this advice: While traveling on the main highway, if you come to a cattle corral on your left, you have gone too far! Turn around and go back.

Be sure to take the time this coming weekend to visit the Great Outdoors. Then, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer in the way of the fall season's beauty.


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