Douglas Sheriff offers home-safety inspections

Douglas County's Home Security Inspection program is available to all homeowners. It is one of two programs offered by Sheriff Ron Pierini to help ensure homeowners are protected from theft and injury.

Trained members of the Citizen Patrol staff will meet with individual homeowners, and together they will inspect homes and property for security-related issues. Recommendations on how to enhance security will be provided to the homeowner as a checklist.

Residents will also be able to obtain information on Operation ID, a program to instruct residents on the proper method of identifying and recording information on their valuables. Residents may borrow an engraver for marking property. Forms will be available so residents may properly list and identify valuables.

The second program is the Home Safety Inspection. Citizen Patrol officers will conduct a home safety inspection to reduce injury in and around the home from falls, fires and other hazards. The program, targeted primarily for seniors, is beneficial to all.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department is conducting the Vacation Watch Program. Call the sheriff's office and let staff know when you're leaving on vacation and officers will check your home while you're away.

For information, call Sgt. Tom Mezzetta at 782-9931.


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