Nevada Day fireworks planned despite lack of funds

Fireworks are set to light up the sky over Mills Park Nov. 1 at dusk when the capital city celebrates Nevada Day.

Funding for the Nevada Days Celebration fireworks will likely not come from city accounts, however, festival organizers' request for money was tabled by supervisors last week.

Nevada Rural Counties Retired and Senior Volunteer Program holds a carnival every year to raise funds for its Home Companion program. The program finds volunteers who assist the state's home-bound seniors to remain independent and stay in their own homes as long as possible.

Fireworks displays shot from Carson City High School are not held every year, but one is planned for this year. Organizer Janice Ayers said it has always been difficult to raise funds for the fireworks, but the effort has received support in the past from the Greater Nevada Credit Union.

"It's been a constant struggle to get money for the fireworks," Ayers said. "We felt that we're just about at the end of our rope to spend so much time trying to put these events on. If there's no support this year, I doubt we'll do the Fourth of July or Nevada Day next year."

Ayers asked city supervisors Thursday to fund the $12,000 fireworks this year, but the issue was tabled. She offered to include the city in advertising in return.

In light of a difficult budget year and the absence of other community or corporate support, supervisors were uncomfortable spending money on fireworks, Mayor Ray Masayko said.

"If other sponsors stepped forward, and it looked perhaps like the city might consider sponsorship for a smaller amount, we'd be willing to let (the issue) come back," he said. "It's nice that (Ayers) is going to go ahead and sponsor fireworks for Nevada Day."

The organization wrote letters to all members of the Carson Area Chamber of Commerce to raise funds, but only two contributions were received. One was $100 from an elderly couple who said they wouldn't be able to attend because of their health conditions, but wanted to see the fireworks from their home.

RSVP is committed to go ahead with the fireworks this year after signing a contract, But the cost cuts deeply into any profit the group would realize from the fund-raising event.

"We're going through with it this year, but if we don't get support this year, next year is in doubt," Ayers said.

RSVP's Nevada Days Celebration will begin at 4 p.m. Oct. 30 when the carnival opens. It opens at noon and will run until midnight Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 and from noon until 10 p.m. Nov. 2.

Activities will include a carnival offered by Midway West Amusements and games. Food, beverages, arts and crafts will also be available.


Call RSVP 687-4680, 1-800-992-0900, ext. 4680; or go to


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