Owners of starving dogs sought

Lyon County animal control officers are hoping to find the owners of two dogs abandoned in the Silver Springs area.

Volunteer Katherine McLaughlin said the dogs were skin and bones when they were reported by a resident.

"They were either abandoned or turned loose to run on their own and they are in very sad shape," she said.

The dogs were trapped on Saturday by animal control officers and were extremely emaciated.

"We set up a trap and had them in 30 minutes," McLaughlin said. "That's how hungry they were."

McLaughlin said the dogs appeared to be hounds and seemed to be related, but there was no way of knowing how long they had been loose.

"The bigger one could be the father to the younger one," she said. "The bigger one appears to be a year and half or two years old -- the little guy, maybe a year old."

The dogs are at the shelter and are being fed in hopes of bringing them back to health.

"They are in such bad shape, it will take a while to get them back up to where they were," she said. "We're hoping somebody will recognize the dogs. This is a good example of why you don't want to abandon your dogs when you move."

Anyone with information should call the Lyon County Animal Shelter at 577-5005. The shelter is located at 3705 Highway 50 West in Silver Springs.


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