2-week-old infant, mom involved in car accident

A mother and her 2-week-old child were taken to Carson Tahoe Hospital by ambulance after two cars collided on Highway 50 East just before 5 p.m. Sunday.

Mother Oralia Vallejo had injuries to her mouth, chin and leg, but her infant was not seriously injured, according to witnesses.

"The baby was not really hurt," said Sergio I. Chavez, a family friend who arrived on scene to help translate moments after the accident.

The husband of the injured woman, Roberto Vallejo of Sun Valley, was driving west on Highway 50 in a 2000 Chevy Cavalier when he collided with an older Toyota Tercel headed north on Stewart Street. The Cavalier rolled to a stop down Stewart at the intersection with John Street, while the Tercel rolled up Highway 50 almost to Fall Street.

Vallejo ran a red light, according to NHP troopers on the scene.

He disagreed.

"No, I had a green light," he said through an interpreter.

The unidentified man driving the Tercel was placed in the back of a NHP patrol car after troopers thought they smelled alcohol on his breath.

"He's under further investigation," said Trooper C.M. Rothschild. "He's not at fault in the accident, but we're checking to see if he's been drinking."

The Tercel was towed to the Carson City Towing yard.


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