DMV problem prompts waiver for Nevadans

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) -- The Department of Motor Vehicles says it has waived penalties for Nevada motorists who got their vehicle registration renewal forms late.

Director Ginny Lewis said problems with printing renewal forms delayed the mailing of about 30,000 forms.

Lewis said some people didn't get their notices until after their registration had expired and won't be penalized, and other vehicle owners who got their notices late will be given extra time to submit their forms.

Lewis said the department now uses bar codes on vehicle registration forms to allow employees to electronically scan renewal forms. It's quicker and ensures that the correct information is recorded, she added.

The scanning started in June, but there was an error in the program that had to be fixed by the manufacturer. Vehicles with only a four-digit vehicle identification number were not being processed correctly.


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