Mill Creek Galleries soon to be artist coop

Mill Creek Galleries owner Barbara Florman is converting her Carson City venue into a fine-art mall for local artists and, eventually, hopes to turn the gallery over to them.

The gallery can comfortably accommodate about eight artists. Florman said she'll help them learn the business.

"This is an opportunity for serious artists to learn the trade," she said. "It's difficult for any artist to make a living, whether it's music, dance, art or the theater. The art business is competitive. and if an artist is serious, they must learn about marketing and sales."

Florman said the gallery is close to the downtown area and the historic walk, making it a prime location.

"Artists will be able to have their shows, or they could organize a special event on the street," she said. "All kinds of things could happen here."

Carson City artist Nadine Prior is already displaying her oil paintings at the gallery, and in the next few months, painter and sculptor Denise Sins will join her.

"We need a shot in the arm in terms of artistic offerings in Carson City," said Sins. "It's an excellent opportunity for artists to display their work."

The paintings of artists Thomas Kinkade, Howard Behrens and Alan Maley will be phased out to make way for local art.

"People used to buy a whole collections, but now they're more selective. Instead of five paintings, they'll buy two," she said. "But when tourists come to Northern Nevada, they will buy a souvenir somewhere. Many will buy local art, like a painting of Genoa."

-- The gallery is at 224 S. Carson St., Suite 6. For more information, call 841-2224.


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