University faculty backs Guinn in recall attempt

The Nevada Faculty Alliance says it opposes the recall effort to remove Gov. Kenny Guinn from office.

"Gov. Guinn was courageous and stood strong for a budget and revenue package that would meet the needs of the fastest growing state in the nation," said board president Candace Kant. "He deserves our praise and thanks rather than this misguided effort to follow California's lead and toss out a governor."

One of the major beneficiaries of Guinn's budget, approved by the 2003 Legislature, was the university system, which saw an overall increase in funding of 24 percent for the coming two-year budget cycle.

The Faculty Alliance represents teachers and other professionals on both university and all community college campuses in the University of Nevada system.

The recall petition was filed by a coalition consisting of conservative Republicans identified as members of the Liberty Caucus and the Independent American Party. They objected primarily to the $836 million tax package approved by lawmakers and signed by Guinn to fund the budget.

"We urge all citizens of Nevada to refuse to sign any recall petitions," Kant said. "This effort needs to die a rapid death so we can get on with the business of educating Nevadans and taking care of other needs in our state."

The petition drive has been reported as having trouble gathering signatures to force a recall election. In Nevada, that requires 25 percent of the number of voters who cast ballots in the election where Guinn won office. In this case, that means at least 128,109 valid signatures to force an election.


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