Lawyer says Nevada denied medication to shooting spree suspect

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The lawyer for a man accused of shooting one man to death and wounding two Las Vegas police officers is blaming the state for the rampage.

James "Bucky" Buchanan did not deny that Frank Lyles, 26, was responsible for Thursday's shootings, which police called a bias crime.

But Buchanan told the Las Vegas Sun that the Nevada Division of Health denied Lyles medication two days before the shooting, and instead rescheduled his appointment for Friday.

"It was because of his lack of medication that he went hysterical," the lawyer said.

Health division officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Sun said Lyles' arrest report showed he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was under a doctor's care.

The report said Lyles bought a .22-caliber handgun several days before the attack, and allegedly picked out 49-year-old Kevin Chandler while walking down the street.

Police said Lyles thought Chandler was Hispanic.

Lyles is accused of killing Chandler with shots to the back and head, and wounding police officers David L. Petrucci and Shon R. Comiskey.

Comiskey, 31, was wounded in the hand and forehead. He was discharged Saturday from University Medical Center and is expected to make a complete recovery.

Petrucci, 28, was grazed in the face by windshield shards. He was treated Thursday and released.

The officers shot back, but Lyles was not wounded before he surrendered, according to police reports.

Lyles is jailed on charges of murder and four counts of attempted murder of a police officer.

Buchanan said Lyles will request a psychiatric evaluation when the case reaches Clark County District Court.


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