Junior deer hunting tags remain after second draw

According to a recent press release by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), the results of the NDOW second big game tag drawing were made public on Friday, July 16.

While some hunters did not receive their tag of choice in the second draw, those who want to hunt deer this year still have an opportunity for a tag in the ongoing manual draw.

As of August 3, there were 331 tags available to junior hunters (age 12 Ð 16). All remaining junior tags are in Unit Group 101 Ð 108, early. The young hunters can hunt in archery, muzzleloader or any legal weapon seasons and the tags are for either sex.

Adult hunters have a couple options. The Paradise Valley private land depredation hunt has 259 tags remaining.

Hunters interested in obtaining one of these tags must obtain an application form from a Paradise Valley landowner.

Applications must be mailed.

On-line applications are not available for this hunt.

Archers still have 46 tags available in Unit Group 101 Ð108, early. This season opens August 14, so interested hunters should act quickly.

Applications can be made on-line (except Paradise Valley as noted) or mailed.

Tag sales will continue until the tags sell out or until the season closes, whichever comes first. If all tags are sold, unsuccessful applicants will be refunded all fees, including the $15 application fee.

No bonus points are awarded to unsuccessful manual draw applicants.

However, if the applicant receives a tag he or she will lose their accrued points.

For information, call the Wildlife Administrative Services Office at 1-800-576-1020 or visit their website at www.huntnevada.com.


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