First an F-word, now a T-Shirt

WASHINGTON - It's the entrepreneurial spirit that makes America great. Vice President Cheney hardly had time to feel chipper about swearing at Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., on the Senate floor June 22 before Sean Bonner, a Los Angeles art gallery owner and blogger, was selling Cheney's memorable words - opting for the version of the vice president's elegant suggestion that starts with "go" - on clothes and hats and such.

Each item has the quoted phrase with attribution to "Vice President Dick Cheney" underneath. There's your usual T-shirts and tank tops and women's T-shirts. But there's also a dog T-shirt for $19.99, a "classic thong" for $14.99, a toddler T-shirt and, our favorite, an "infant creeper," along with mugs, mouse pads, a trucker hat (not some goofy liberal baseball cap) and various stickers.

Bonner said he got the idea as soon as he read about the exchange. Given the recent Federal Communications Commission anti-smut actions and such, he said, "I thought it was comical and it would make a great T-shirt." And the dog T-shirt? "What dog wouldn't want to wear it?" he asked. Within a week, he had his creations up for sale on

Cheney said he "felt better" after his cathartic encounter with Leahy. Can you imagine the euphoria after wearing or looking at one of these things all day?


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