Report updates fire loss

Seventeen homes were lost in the Waterfall fire, two more than had previously been reported, according to a damage assessment report released Wednesday.

The Waterfall Fire Damage Assessment report compiled by the Carson City Fire Department indicates nine homes were lost in Kings Canyon, seven in Timberline and one on Betts Road off Curry Street.

Fourteen other homes suffered damages, one business was lost, two others suffered damages and 32 outbuildings and 51 vehicles were destroyed or damaged, according to the report.

The fire, which is believed to have started near the falls in Kings Canyon from an unattended campfire, roared out of control nine hours after it was first reported July 14.

As it raced down the canyon it overtook two Carson City Fire Department vehicles - a truck and a water tender, a Nevada Division of Forestry truck and a Central Lyon County Fire Protection District fire truck all valued at more than a half million dollars.

The assessment is part of the ongoing investigation by the Carson City Fire Department, acting chief Stacey Giomi said Wednesday.

"We're charged with investigating any fire. It's our responsibility to investigate any fires that occur in our jurisdiction," he explained. "This report is part of our investigative effort plus it's helpful in determining overall damage assessment and helpful for the homeowners in documenting their losses when dealing with insurance companies."

Among damage to city property, the fire department assessed damage done to roads at seven locations by bulldozers brought in to cut fire lines. A mobile home, outbuilding and two trailers at the Quill Water Treatment Plant in Ash Canyon belonging to the city were also destroyed as were a metering device and its components used to count the flow of Ash Creek. Two water supply tanks for the Lakeview area received slight damage from retardant dropped by aircraft on the area and an Ash Canyon water treatment meter was consumed by fire.

Giomi said a new fire truck with a $290,000 price tag has been ordered for Carson City to replace the one lost. Damage to an ambulance was estimated at $7,000.

The cost of the fire will be paid in part by federal money, the state and the Nevada Division of Forestry, he said.

"The whole funding issue is being sorted out right now on who will pay what exactly," he said.

Estimates were not available for damage to private property.

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