Drivers cited during state crackdown for not wearing seat belts

As part of a statewide crackdown, Carson City Sheriff's deputies issued 37 seat belt violations and five child-restraint citations, collecting $71,938 in bail.

"That's not bad for about a week's worth," said Sheriff Kenny Furlong.

From May 24 through June 3, Carson City deputies joined with Nevada Highway Patrol troopers to seek out motorists and passengers not wearing seat belts in the "No Exceptions, No Excuses, Buckle Up Nevada" campaign.

Furlong stressed the importance of securing children in safety seats and seat belts, pointing to last week's accident in Washoe Valley in which five children were ejected when a mini van rolled.

"The whole issue is, we don't want children thrown from these vehicles," Furlong said. "It takes no effort whatsoever to buckle them up as well as yourselves."

He said Carson City averages about 12 car accidents with injuries each month.

"Often it's because people are not belted in," Furlong said. "These injuries are preventable."

Through grant money, deputies worked overtime in four-hour shifts to patrol for seat belt violations.

If caught without a seat belt, motorists are issued a citation for $67. Unrestrained passengers are also ticketed.

However, if anyone in the car is under 18 and not restrained, the driver is cited $107.

Although the campaign has ended, Furlong warned that law enforcement will remain vigilant in enforcing seat belt regulations.

"I will continue efforts with the patrol division to seek out those persons who are not restrained - children especially - and take corrective actions," he said.

As of June 1, any driver who does not ensure that children are buckled in appropriately will have a mandatory court appearance.

Statewide numbers for the campaign are not yet available.

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