Salvation Army majors leaving

Charles and Diana Norris, majors with the Salvation Army in Carson City, have been reassigned to Oroville, Calif. The move comes after just less than one year here.

"The average assignment in a community is three to five years," said Charles Norris. "We've had a couple of five-year assignments. They're definitely better. But they really need us at the other location. They need us there more than in Carson City."

Prior to Carson City, the Norrises were in Antioch, Calif.

Norris said the population of Oroville is about 11,400. The two-acre church property has five buildings, one of which Norris said needs a lot of maintenance.

"Our concern is not so much the money, but it has a large chapel which seats 200. That's a positive thing. The negative is that it seems to be struggling financially."

Norris said their Christmas program in Carson City last year was triple the production from the previous year.

"We did our best - that's what we do for the Lord. Carson City is a generous community. They're very giving."

"It's been a good year for us here," Charles said. "The people I've met in the community are giving and caring. And I love the area. Lawns are maintained - the setting, our home, the sage and the crickets, it's great.

"But wherever I go, there's not a place the Lord can't use me. My business is caring for people. I will have the same job anyplace I go."

Norris said their goal as leaders for the Salvation Army is to change the spiritual aspect of a person, so the individual can change his or her surroundings.

"Wherever we go, you have to look at the potential of that place. That's what life is all about, challenges," he said.

Norris will ask regional headquarters to allow assistant Bob Lueras to move with them.

"They (Oroville) are short of employees. We will need help, and I could use him."

"I will miss the area and the community," said Diana Norris. "The fact that it is clean and a small community is nice. We do see the move as a challenge. We'll have a lot to work with."

The Norris' last day is June 27.

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