Tickets handed out to see President Bush

Waiting in a line that wrapped around the block, Adam Hagmann, 36, remained undaunted by the June heat in hopes of getting a ticket to see President Bush when he visits Reno on Friday.

"It's worth the chance," he said. "This is part of history."

Hagmann and his wife, Shannon, were on vacation from California when they heard that tickets would be given away Wednesday at the Retail Association of Nevada.

They found their place a little closer than halfway to the front of a line that stretched from the office, down Nevada Street, around the corner along Sophia Street to Curry Street.

Once at the office, people had to show photo identification, write down their name and address, and were asked if they were a member of the Republican Party and supporters of the president.

Paula Stevens, 55, identifies herself as a Bush supporter, but hoped to have some questions answered.

"I want to hear his speech," she said. "He needs to explain himself and what's going on in Iraq a little more, if we're going to continue to support him."

Admitted Democrats had to register as Republicans in order to receive tickets. Three hundred tickets were available, and individuals could receive up to four each.

Members of the Republican Women's organization began handing out tickets around noon and ran out shortly after 1 p.m.

John Cassinelli, 35, of Dayton made it to the front of the line before the tickets ran out.

"I saw former President Bush so I thought it would be neat to see Junior, too," he said. "It's not that often they visit Northern Nevada, so this is a good opportunity."

Traci Kuckenmeister, 18, and Missy Kaplan, 18, weren't as fortunate. They arrived early and waited in line for about an hour and a half - just to be turned away.

"It's just disappointing," Kuckenmeister said. "We were right at the front of the line, then they told us they were out of tickets."

Sharon O'Berg of Sierra Nevada Republican Women in Douglas County said more tickets may be available today. Call the Retail Association of Nevada at 882-1700.

Contact Teri Vance at or 881-1272.


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