In another drought year, think water-wise

Wasted water may not be flowing along Carson City's streets quite like the above illustration, but it's still a serious drain on the limited supply being stretched through the heat of the summer.

To report watering violations, residents may call the city's Water Watch phone line from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays at 887-2355, ext. 1025.

Residents can also help conserve water this summer by following some common-sense tips, which can be found at and

-- Never pour water down the drain when there may be another use for it, such as watering a plant or garden.

-- Find hidden leaks. Read your water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is used. If it shows water used, there is a leak.

-- Repair dripping faucets. A faucet dripping at one drop per second wastes 2,700 gallons per year.

-- Install low-flow faucet fixtures.

-- Replace or adjust broken and leaky toilet fixtures.

-- Only run dishwashers and clothes washers when they are fully loaded. This saves about 1,000 gallons a month.

-- Take shorter showers. Taking showers in less than 5 minutes can save 1,000 gallons a month. Install a low-flow showerhead.

-- Place a bucket in the shower to catch excess water and use the water to water plants.

-- In the shower, turn off the water when lathering up, shaving or shampooing.

-- Insulate water pipes.

-- Don't let water run while shaving your face or brushing your teeth.

-- Flush wisely.

-- Plant smart. Use shrubs, rock and ground cover instead of turf.

-- Don't overwater your lawn. If you leave footprints when walking across your lawn, it's time to water.

-- Don't water your streets or sidewalks; check for broken sprinklers.

-- Avoid fertilizing lawns; it requires more water.

-- Save 80 gallons of water by using a broom to clean your driveway instead of water.


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