Racer's wife offers full support

In the 20 years Karen and Chet Danburg have been married and Chet has been racing stock cars, Karen never missed a race until her father died three years ago.

"I've managed to make them all," she said. "I do love it.

"I love to see him sign autographs for the kids. I'm really proud of him and his championships."

Just as many NASCAR wives support their husbands by being at the racetrack, so does Karen Danburg. Her usual Saturday routine starts with cleaning the house. Then her longtime friend, Sherry Crews, picks her up and they head to the track.

The two women sit in the grandstands to cheer for Chet with the rest of the race fan faithful. Chet, "The Jet," is one of the crowd favorites.

"I give him my full support - but there's no working on the car for me. I can't break a nail," she quipped.

Karen said Chet goes through his own raceday routine, but noted he has no superstitions.

"He's got a good attitude after every race, win or lose, good or bad. And I've never seen him stressed. He's always mellow. He's Chet all the time."

Karen said she used to get a little nervous watching Chet race so closely with other cars.

"I've calmed down over the years, I used to be real bad - especially during the 100 lappers."

Chet has been involved in a couple bad wrecks, one which overturned his car on the front stretch of the track.

"I was more mad about that one than scared, because of how it happened," she said.

"But there was a bad one in Roseville (Calif.) a few years back. I was really scared. But Chet was OK."

Karen has never ridden in any of Chet's racecars, but she said she's ready to.

"Next time he puts the second seat in the Camaro, I'm going to tell him I want a ride."

This year marks Chet's 14th season at Champion Speedway, where he's collected four championships and many friends in the process. His racing "entourage" is called Quicksilver Racing. It includes Chet, brothers Al and Ed Goss and Kris Keller, a former crew chief of Danburg's.

"I just love these guys," Karen said of the Goss brothers. "They are the sweetest."

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