Candidates filing for office Friday



Cherie Tilley, Republican

Royle Melton, Republican

House of Representatives

Angie Cochran, Democrat

Janine Hansen, Independent American Party


Nevada Northern Senatorial District

Thomas Jefferson, Independent American Party

Assembly District 40

Merritt Yochum, Independent American Party

Assembly District 35

Linwood Tracy Jr., Independent American Party

Assembly District 32

Lonnie Feemster, Democrat

Assembly District 26

Paul Juntunen, Green

Assembly District 32

Glenda Mixer, Republican

Joan Morrow, Democrat

Nevada Supreme Court

Kevin Mirsh

Joel Hansen

State Board of Education

Stacie Wilke

Lyon County


Daniel N. Rice

School Board

James F. Huckaby

Terry R. Hall

Clifford A. Thompson

Maureen Williss

Russell Colletta

Dan Pommerening

Bob Thran

Silver Springs GID

Larry W. Owen

Tabitha Perkins

Margaret Ruckman

Carson City

School Board

Kim Cohen

Debbie Dailey

Douglas County


Jane Foraker-Thompson

Stephen Robert Weissinger

School Board

Ronald Beck

Veronica Rea Hulsey

Round Hill GID

Brad Dorton

Logan Creek GID

John Meredith Harris

Topaz Ranch Estates GID

Betty Hinton-Rebiejo

Victor E. Loesche Jr.

Genoa Town Board

Nancy Miluck


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