Man who died in Gardnerville shootout ID'd, apparent suicide

The suspect shooter in a traffic stop Saturday erupted in gunfire in a Gardnerville mobile home park has been identified..

Residents of Kingslane Mobile Home Park were awakened by shouting and gunfire after a suspect opened fire on officers.

Joshua Abel Petri, 27, of Gardnerville allegedly fatally shot himself in the head using a handgun after engaging in a shootout with officers, Douglas County Sheriff's Department reported.

One of the rounds fired by Petri struck Deputy Robert Duffy's left hand, resulting in surgery.

Sheriff Ron Pierini said the incident began during a traffic stop of a vehicle containing three people. Authorities are still investigating what prompted the stop.

One of the people in the car fled from the vehicle and a search began with several officers arriving to help. As the other two occupants of the vehicle were being detained, officers were fired upon.

At least one of the officers fired back, and it is believed he hit the suspect in the hand.

A search was conducted for the man, which led deputies to a mobile home in the 1300 block of Kingslane Court.

When officers entered the home at about 8:10 a.m., the man was dead.

Pierini said both criminal and administrative investigations will be conducted in the incident. An administrative review is part of the process of investigating an officer-involved shooting.


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