Moving from snowfall to sunlight

One of the reasons we like to live in Northern Nevada is the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons - fire, flood, blizzard and drought.

Just kidding.

It's true there are hardships with any season, but each one carries us the next step through the cycle of renewal.

Snow packing the Sierra Nevada in winter will become the water we drink on a sunny day in August. The wildfire which scarred Carson City's west side will eventually be healed by Mother Nature.

As I write this, it is a brilliant blue day with temperatures climbing toward shirt-sleeve weather. It all could change tomorrow. It will always change.

With the seasons, we change too. Skiers switch from snow to water. Hikers move like wildlife higher and deeper in the hills. We waken from our winter slumber and move into the sunlight for our concerts and picnics.

That's why the changing of the seasons is an appropriate metaphor for this year's Carson Discoveries.

There is so much to learn and experience throughout the Carson area, you never want to be tied to a routine. You just might miss something.

The five months from the Carson City Rendezvous to Nevada Day always seem like the busiest, because there are events almost every weekend - in fact, you usually have a choice of visiting Carson City, Carson Valley, Virginia City, Reno or Lake Tahoe, depending on your particular tastes.

The joy is that, like the seasons, these communities and their people have their own particular character and we arrive at them with our own expectations. And yet they always find a way to surprise us.

Variety, as they say, is the seasoning of life.


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