Credit card advice

• Don't charge anything to a credit card that you can't pay off the next month. Don't carry a balance. Debit it.

• Stop using credit cards. Seek the advice of a professional credit counselor.

• Anytime you can afford to pay $5 over minimum, do it. Always pay more than the minimum.

• Pay on time, overwise you'll get hit by a late fee. Credit card companies will charge $25 to $39 in a late fee for one late payment.

• Make sure your credit card company does not charge you, or does not put anything on your card for insurance. It's pure profit for the company.

• Ask your local bank or credit union for a secured credit card. You would put up an amount, such as $500, and that would back your credit limit.

Source: Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northern Nevada, visit it at or call 322-6557.


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